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Your Neighbourhood. Your Say

The Neighbourhood Plan if approved by you all, is the best chance for the Community to have a say in shaping the future growth and development in New Milton and to improve its reputation as a great place to live, work and play.

Government & Development Planning




Building is controlled by policies in a Development Plan - e.g. setting out where houses can and can't be built. Planning Applications are accepted or refused based on this Policy. 





Government Planning Policy says that Districts must predict the future Housing needs and plan to build enough houses to meet the need and stop the current housing crisis where young people and workers can't get a home.

Link to Government Planning Policy

 District Wide Plans Part 1 Consultation completed -


New Forest District Council and New Forest National Park Authority are reviewing their Development Plans because they must deliver Government Policy, particularly they must plan to build enough homes for the future.

New Forest District Council has now completed a Public Consultation  - to get peoples' views on the potential locations for the new housing they need to accommodate over the next 20 years.

This means they must set policies saying where the big housing developments must be. 

New Milton Neighbourhood Plan starting in October

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The New Milton Neighbourhood Plan can set development policies for our local area to make sure the key aspects of the significant housing developments are right for New Milton.

What mix of big and small houses should there be in New Milton area, what should the houses look like, how much parking, how many play areas, what about local traffic, jobs and schools? ; what about health care.

Get involved in shaping your Area in October 

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Make Sure you Play Your Part - It's our Town's  Future