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Your Views So Far

In October 2016

- You love living between the sea and the forest with the facilities of a small town, especially the train station.

- You would like a better quality and variety of shops with more character and life that continues in the evening, with restaurants, family pubs and more entertainment.

- You want traffic that flows, access to regular trains to London, Southampton and Bournemouth and better public transport.

- Good Healthcare and Education for all.

- Most importantly, affordable homes and jobs for young people as well as existing and new employers with quality jobs.

Report - October 16 Survey

In March 2017

- 54% of over 1,400 responses said they would be happy for the number of houses to be built could be in excess of that required by New Forest District Council.

- 85% of the responses supported the idea of regeneration of the Town Centre that included some residential development to reduce the amount of building on Green Belt land.

Report - March 17 Survey

For detailed information refer to the Full Neighbourhood Plan