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Land to the South of Gore Road (Adjacent to Double H Nurseries)

The Neighbourhood Plan reserves land South of Gore Road, as shown on the Policies Map, pending its release from the Green Belt, for a residential-led, mixed-use development comprising residential, commercial and community uses and green infrastructure.

Development proposals should be made in the form of a comprehensive masterplan and should have full regard to the following principles:


a. The residential scheme should comprise at least 160 dwellings of a variety of types of which at least 50% will be affordable housing.


b. the majority of housing types will be 2 and 3 bedroom houses and apartments of a typology suited to younger families including consideration of offsite manufactured dwellings.


c. higher densities along and near the Gore Road site frontage and lower densities along the rear edge of the site

d. The community scheme shall comprise a youth centre facility in the north eastern corner of the site of a specification to be agreed with the Town Council; and the commercial scheme shall comprise land for a convenience food store with direct access to Gore Road.


e. The green infrastructure scheme shall comprise land of an area land of an area, location and type that meets all or part of the minimum requirements of a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace, together with the provision of a financial contribution to provide any residual off-site works to projects and towards Strategic Access Management and Monitoring; and any other measures that are required to satisfy the Habitat Regulations and the New Forest Mitigation Strategy for European Sites SPD or any future requirements; and land laid out as public open space, children’s play facilities and allotments of a total area, location and type that meets the requirements of the development plan; and an effective landscape buffer on the western edge of the site to ensure lighting to existing glass houses is not prohibited and the provision of a safe pedestrian route through the site forming part of the ‘Greenway’ network;  the provision of pedestrian and cycle routes along Gore Road to improve sustainable access to the town centre; and the retention of existing woodland, trees and hedgerows, wherever possible.

f. The principal highway access is from Gore Road;

g. The layout and design of the scheme shall avoid harm to heritage assets or their setting; and

h. The infrastructure scheme shall comprise a comprehensive package of on and off-site transport and movement measures to satisfactorily mitigate the effect of the comprehensive scheme on local roads and to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport; and The delivery and maintenance of an effective sustainable drainage system.

For detailed information refer to the Full Neighbourhood Plan