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The New Milton Neighbourhood Plan covers the same period as New Forest District Council's own Local Plan - 2016 until 2036.


- At each stage of the preparation of the Plan, we have and are now consulting again with the community.

- Feedback from the current Consultation will be incorporated into the Plan.

- The Plan when finalised will be submitted to New Forest District Council to ensure it meets their own Local Plan.

- The Plan is then submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol to ensure its a valid and acceptable Plan.

- All local residents will then have a vote in a Referendum on the adoption of the Plan and policies.

- If the Referendum is a positive vote, then the Policies in the Plan will be used to determine local planning applications.

.............. and influence how the town will develop over the next 20 years.


The New Milton Vision has an overarching ambition to create a more balanced age profile by attracting a younger
demographic to live and work in the town. This approach is in response to a significant under-representation in our community of
the 20 to 40 year old age group, compared to the national average. This proportion is decreasing and is likely to continue to
diminish if we do nothing. This age-group is vital to drive our local economy and provide the workforce the Town needs.

A 2018 Experian Survey identified New Milton as the best place in the UK to live for those aged over 80 years of age. While we can be justly proud of this, now is our chance to shape the future of New Milton as a place where the community represents all ages that want to live, work and play – with a Town Centre that has something for everyone.


For detailed information refer to the Full Neighbourhood Plan