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Land Use Policies

You can find more detailed information about various specific Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan

Policy NM1      A Spatial Plan for New Milton

Policy NM2      Diversifying Housing

Policy NM6      Education Facilities

Policy NM7B      Housing Types & Tenures in the Opportunity Area

Policy NM7C    Town Centre - Environmental Improvement Area

Policy NM7D    Buildings of Local Heritage & Townscape Value

Policy NM7E    Mitigating Effects on the New Forest Special Protection Area

Policy NM8 -   Transport and Accessibility

Policy NM11 - Barton on Sea - Property Design Characteristics

Policy NM12 - Rural Areas in the National Park

Policy NM13 - Employment

Policy NM14 - Tourism

Policy NM15 - Early Years Facilities

Policy NM16 - Design Quality of Properties

Policy NM17 - Connecting the Town